How to Apply for Funding

Thank you for your interest in the Susan G. Komen El Paso grants program. Applicants must conform to the following eligibility criteria to apply. Eligibility requirements for the applicants must be met at the time of Application submission.

• Individuals are not eligible to apply. Applications will only be accepted from a non-profit organization with 501(c)3 status (such as an educational institution, hospital or other medical facility, or a community organization) or a local/state government located in or providing services to one or more of the following locations:
o El Paso County

• Proposed projects must be specific to breast health and/or breast cancer and address the priorities identified in the Affiliate’s 2015 Community Profile. If a project includes other health issues along with breast cancer, such as a breast and cervical cancer project, funding may only be requested for the breast cancer portion.

• All past and current Komen-funded grants or awards to applicant are up-to-date and in compliance with Komen requirements.

• Applicant has documentation of current tax exempt status under the Internal Revenue Service code.

• If applicant, or any of its key employees, directors, officers or agents is convicted of fraud or a crime involving any other financial or administrative impropriety in the 12 months prior to the submission deadline for the application, then applicant is not eligible to apply for a grant until 12 months after the conviction. After such 12 month period, applicant must demonstrate in its application that appropriate remedial measures have been taken to ensure that any criminal misconduct does not recur.

Please note: Community Grant requests may not exceed $35,000. We will not accept more than one application per institution without prior written approval from Komen El Paso.

Request for Application

The Request for Application (RFA) is built around the Affiliate’s Statement of Need which conveys the guidelines for the types of programs Komen and the Affiliate are willing to fund. The Statement of Need and RFA are both based on findings from the bi-annual Community Profile. The Statement of Need is included as part of the RFA. Click here to see the 2015 Community Profile: 2015 Community Profile

The RFA also sets the rules for applying for Komen Affiliate grants, including deliverables under the grant contract, evaluation criteria, grants structure and budget and other qualifying guidelines that must be met before the proposal is sent to review.

2017-2018 Request for Application

The 2017-2018 RFA is now available.  The deadline for applications is 4:30pm MST January 6, 2017.  All submissions will be through the Grants eManagement System (GeMS)

For more information, please contact


2017 Request for Application